A New Suno1024

It is always a heartening feeling to see your product fly. And after entertaining UAE for more than 2 years, Suno1024 decided to add some more colour to itself.

The real star of any radio station is its music. Suno1024 has always been known for the kind of music it has been playing. Now, one can argue how different is it since all other radio stations play the same songs. The difference lies in the treatment. Trick is to play such numbers that gets the listeners grooving and asking for more. What plays and where, how the RJ owns and presents the music can make or break any radio station. Suno1024 has dug deep into its library to bring out and present the most memorable songs across different eras.

Suno1024 has taken pride in having the best RJs in town. There have been a few changes in the show line up and some additions as well. Please welcome the Bengali Drama Queen Sanchari who hosts MMS. She is as passionate about movies as she is about her fish! Also put your hands together for a known name in UAE radio, Pallavi, who now co-hosts the brand new breakfast show. You cannot miss her infectious laughter and energy.


  • A few tweaks and changes here and there to keep the on-air sound fresh and sounding new, a few shows have been launched or refreshed.
  • The brand new breakshow show on Suno1024 is The Chai Biskoot Show is already making waves. Co-hosted by Parikshit and Pallavi, the morning show aims to entertain you yet retain the newsy flavour. The 2 mad-hatters cannot stop talking and that makes the back-end job a lot more difficult. They bring such energy and zeal to the show that you will inevitably find yourself being drawn to them.
  • The other change that has taken a beautiful shape is MMS with Sanchari. Listeners of course have been having a field day guessing what MMS stands for. We shall let that suspense continue! Join in the gossip, weekdays from 1000 till 1300 hours.
  • Another Suno1024 regular name Vicky, now shifts gear to the reverse drive-time with Hurry Home Hurry. As any Vicky-follower would know, he brings his own sense of humour and rhythm to the show. Don't miss the 'build a sentence' contest where he throws in a few 'filmy' words to help.
  • For all lovers of retro, there isn't a better time to rejoice as Gagan Mudgal weilds the microphone on his signature show Chand Churake Laya Hoon. The walking - talking Bollywood encyclopaedia gives you a new perspective about your favourite 'golden-oldie'. Catch him from 2200 - 0000.

We look forward to hearing from you, a lot more frequently. Tell us how Suno1024 makes your day musical and more beautiful. Share your thoughts with us. Follow your favourite RJs on Twitter and see them at their maverick-best on Facebook. Hope you have liked out brand new and improved website! Here's to a new us!